Samarjeet Singh


Programmer | Musician | Photographer

image A programmer who can rock the code, a musician who can move your soul, and a photographer who can capture the essence of life, you've come to the right place. Explore my portfolio and get a taste of the magic I bring to the table. Let's create something extraordinary together!

Learn. Imagine. Invent.

Crafting Digital Worlds


A digital geek who speaks in binary, writes in algorithms, and occasionally has deep conversations with bugs. When not debugging the universe, the journey continues by unraveling the cosmic web, one 'Hello World' at a time.

Composing Musical Landscapes


Whether it's the strumming of a guitar, the tickling of the ivories, or the creation of a symphony from kitchen utensils, emotions are orchestrated through sound. The musical journey? A never-ending road trip filled with harmonious detours and rhythmical pit stops.

Capturing Moments


Constantly chasing the perfect light, trying to convince cats to smile for the camera, and occasionally getting caught in bushes to capture that 'ultimate' shot. Lens as the wand, and the world as a canvas. Capturing smiles, sunsets, and everything in between.

Directing Cinematic Stories


Every frame is a brushstroke in the storybook of life. From the soft glow of sunrise to the enchanting hues of twilight, capturing the fleeting essence of moments, transforming them into cinematic magic.

Breathing Life into Art


Transforming blank canvases into portals of imagination, with every stroke of brush or click of a stylus. A journey through surreal dreamscapes and vibrant wonderlands, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary.

Dive into the Sonic Playground

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Welcome to a musical dimension where not only programming, art, and cinematography reside, but where 'Earonauts' roam freely (yes, it's an authentic phenomenon in this universe).

Press play, let melodies flow, and embark on a musical journey whose destination is yet to be uncovered. In the realm of SamStudios, even the code sways to a rhythmic tune, and creativity dances harmoniously to its beat. Enjoy the ride!
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Not much active on Social Media platforms though...

- Facebook: My Facebook account is like a secret treasure chest buried in the digital sands. Don't worry; it's okay if you've never seen it.
- Twitter (X): X? Yeah, I'm there, but my (X)s are like rare comet sightings - they happen, but don't expect them daily.
- Instagram: Follow me on Instagram for a visual concert experience – it's all about the music, one video at a time.
- YouTube: YouTube is my stage, and every video is a note in my symphony of creativity. Tune in for musical adventures!
- Discord: Join my Discord community, where we're not just making websites and bots; we're building a digital utopia!



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